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Flexible Tenure

Thinking to change the products or to discontinue the service?

Well, read the below pharagraphs to find out how to do it.

ThinkRenta provides its Customers, an option to opt for flexible tenure (“Flexible Tenure”) for early closure and/or extension of the term of the Agreement. In case of early closure, the Customer can request for closing the order by informing ThinkRenta, 2 (two) weeks before the closure date by just sending an email to or call us on +91 91364 88855 for guidance. ThinkRenta provides its Customers with different monthly rental rates depending on the tenure of the Agreement at the time of order placement. In the event of early closure, the difference in monthly rental amount shall be calculated as per the monthly rental rates between Agreement tenure (the tenure selected at order placement) and Actual tenure served (effective tenure at early closure) will have to be paid. The minimum tenure for the Product shall be calculated as 3 months.

For extension of the term beyond the Agreement tenure by the Customer, the monthly rate applicable at the time of extension shall be followed for calculation of rental amount for the extension period. Any extension or early closure shall be done only through the ThinkRenta website and such extension or early closure shall be deemed to be according to this Agreement. ThinkRenta reserves the right to revise the rental rates any time at its sole discretion.

ThinkRenta will not handover the Furniture, Equipment’s and Appliances to the Lessee’s representative without an authorization letter duly signed by the Lessee & photo identification document of the representative upon delivery.

The amount due will be calculated as: (Actual tenure rent – Contract tenure rent) * No. of months of Actual tenure.

The applicable tenure rates for early closure are:

Up-to 3 months’: Full 03-month’s rental due
3-6 month’s: 03-month’s rental rate
6-9 month’s: 06-month’s rental rate
9-12 month’s: 09-month’s rental rate
12-18 month’s: 12-month’s rental rate
18-24 month’s: 24-month’s rental rate

Similarly, the contract for your order/one or more items from the order can be extended for the desired period by notifying us 2 weeks before the end of the contract by contacting us via email